Tuyển thực tập sinh Kiến Trúc Thực Hành 2015

Orient Spcae trân trọng thông báo tuyển 04 thực tập sinh Kiến Trúc Thực Hành, Khóa 2015, dành cho các bạn mong muốn học  kiến trúc trong môi trường thực hành thực tế và sáng tạo. (Hiện đã có 01 bạn đạt yêu cầu và hoàn tất thủ tục đăng ký).

OS Academy announces the opening of new practical architect course of 2015-2019. We are recuiting 4 interns who want to learn competently about architecture in a practical and creative way.

Registration time: All the application and fee before November 1st 2015

About the course:

The practical architecture course  in 4 continuous years of focused training time includes 10 semesters with 100 subjects equivalent 223 credits. This is about to give knowledge, skills, and necessary attitudes for steady entering the architectural working environment. Each student is offered an individual guidance, and chances of group study that bring healthy study and effective results. Teachers with pedagogical skills and enthusiasm are all from expert areas of the subjects, have great knowledge and experience, and submit to be along with students in every way of study and career later. Moreover, the course brings opportunities for students to meet with professors, masters and doctors, companies, investors of real estate market that can help make more connections to the field.


Directly study with teachers and job meeting with investors. All the homeworks and student’s products are followed up, evaluated and controlled by an online manage system, that allow parents/conservatives to know and update about their children’s study condition by internet.


Diploma of Practical Architecture Course, Certificate for every subject provided from the Director of Education Department – Orient Space Limited Company.

Job opportunity:

After graduated or even during the study years, students have priority to have their careers at Orient Space Company (design and education) with the salary equivalent to the same experienced architect, or chances to be introduced to many companies in the same field inner and outer the country, either become the owners of their own design studios/companies.


Every person from 19 years old who has adequate civil capacity and desire to learn architecture, as well as response to all school’s principles (attached file in the link below)

Languages of studying:

Vietnamese and English

Contact info:

Address: 1/18 Cong Truong Tu Do Street, Ward 19, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Telephone: 0979 097 255 (Mr. Thanh) – Tell: (=84) (08) 38408 119
Email: os.veuocmo@gmail.com
Full information and application form:
Register now! We’re looking forward to seeing the most potential candidates!

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